Things to do on Gozo

Gozo is filled with unspoilt countryside and rugged coasts for walking, hiking and cycling. Golden beaches and an inviting ocean for scuba diving, kayaking and snorkelling. For adventure and excitement, or peace and relaxation, find out the best things to do on Gozo, Malta.

  • Illuminated Church Gozo Festa

    Annual Events & Traditions

    A key Gozo attraction for many visitors (not to mention the locals) is the village festa. Held between May and mid-September, every town and village across the island holds an annual feast lasting three or more days, dedicated to its particular patron saint.

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  • Archaeology and temples

    Archaeology & Temples

    History stretches back further on Malta & Gozo. Explore more than 7,000 years of settlement, and treasures you won’t see anywhere else.

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  • Bollinger Wine Bottle On Boat - Take a boat trip around Gozo (© 2019, Sebastian Coman)

    Boat trips

    You really can’t say you’ve seen Gozo until you’ve seen it from the water. So climb aboard to discover Gozo’s rugged coastline and natural attractions at their very best.

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  • Gozo Ta Pinu Church

    Churches & Chapels

    The Church still plays an enormous part in the lives of the people of Gozo. Around 60% of the island’s population attend church every Sunday, and you’ll see the religious fervour in full flow if your Gozo holiday coincides with a saint’s feast day, when individual towns or villages celebrate their patron saint in style.

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  • Kitchen demonstration

    Cooking Holidays and Courses in Gozo

    They say you really only get to know a place through its people. And that you only get to know people through the food they eat. This, then, is your opportunity to get right to the heart of Gozo and see it from a very different angle – from the kitchen.

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  • Ggantija Temples

    Ggantija Temples

    A UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of Europe’s most important archaeological sites, and an essential entry on your list of things to do in Gozo. Discover the mighty Ggantija Temples.

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  • towns-villages

    Towns and Villages

    Gozo’s real heart lies in its characterful, charming villages. Discover the tastes, sights and people of Gozo by getting to know your Gharb

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  • Gozo in Malta map - A map of Europe with an arrow pointing to Gozo in Malta.

    Where is Gozo Malta?

    Is Gozo a Country? Gozo is part of the Maltese Archipelago of 3 islands, Comino, Gozo, and big sister, Malta, which is the country.

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